Hi, I’m Daisy!

I’m a software developer and writer.
I love open-source software, community work, learning new technologies, picking up new natural languages, knitting, and baking.

Fun Projects

Der Die Das

A simple game made with the Phaser framework (v2.6.2) meant to familiarize players with the German articles.

Stack: JavaScript Phaser |

Wortschatz Logger

An application built with Laravel 5.3 meant to be a learning aid for people studying German. It provides a centralized way to log and organize German words/phrases one encounters and features an option train/test your knowledge of the articles (der, die, das).

Stack: Laravel PHP7 PostgreSQL JavaScript |

Traffic Incidents

A basic ReactJS application that makes use of the TomTom Traffic API to display traffic incidents (based on the location dictated by your IP address) in tabular form.

Stack: JavaScript ReactJS |

Dev Doodles

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